Oso Innovations is an integrated design and engineering solutions group, combining a wide range of expertise in mechanical, software, and electrical design for the development for advanced products and technical solutions. With experience in aerospace, automotive, maritime, and consumer products design, our diverse background allows us to offer innovative and appropriate solutions to a wide range of challenges.

Oso Innovations is dedicated to providing solutions that meet the needs of its customers. We specialize in creating functional prototypes with close attention to repeatable and consistent solutions.

The Oso Design Process

Our ideas generation methods produce top class results. Our designers draw from a wide variety of technical backgrounds, so our work reflects a wealth of knowledge and innovative thought. We produce more than ideas, though, by providing comprehensive solutions from design concepts and prototypes to manufacturing and product enhancement solutions.

Our Core

Oso Innovations is composed of a small, close-knit team of engineers and designers, organized specifically to tackle tough challenges at a minimum cost, low overhead and fast turnaround. And, we take great pride in our top quality staff - most of whom are primary patent authors.

In House Capabilities

Oso Innovations maintains its own in-house prototyping capabilities, but we have experience and expertise in all in the fundamental and latest fabrication and prototyping methods, so we can work closely with manufacturers so you don't have to.